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A Japanese brand that creates fun motif bags with a distinct design of embroidered shoes. It comes in a variety of colors and shoe styles like sneakers, ankle strap heels, ribbon pumps and getas. They also feature shoes paired with embroidered bottom garments such as pants and skirts.

The motif bags have a range of different sizes to cater that what a woman needs to do for the day - a small sling bag if

she's on the go, a big tote if she's on a shopping spree, a 2

-way bag if she's coming from school or work.

The wide variety mis zapatos has to offer makes finding a bag to match your personal style possible.

if her shoes matched her pants or skirt. The idea to put shoes on a bag turned out to be golden, because her bags quickly became a hit all over Japan, and then later across Asia.

#miszapatosph #attokyoph

Some bags even have footprints of the character printed at the bottom. The collection is in anticipation of the upcoming Evangelion animated film set to be released in the middle of 2020.

Most recently, the brand launched their holiday collection, making use of a more whimsical and floral theme that's got a hint of nostalgia. This provides consumers with a wider range of bags for them to purchase for themselves or give a gift to a loved one this holiday season.