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Learn How to Seal the Deal with Confidence and a Power Suit

Updated: May 22, 2019

Clothes make the man. A suit is a symbol of power. A properly styled outfit can not only seal the deal but can keep you ahead of the competition. Today we are about to learn how we can take advantage using this strategy to feel powerful and to change the way we view the world.

On this article, is an interview of a distinguished menswear stylist & a confidence coach.

Ladies and gentlemen we would like to introduce Mr. Gerard Austria.

How do you define power dressing outfits and why is it important in moving up the corporate ladder?

Power dressing for me is not solely about suits and ties, it is about dressing appropriately depending on the occasion and the industry you are in. Some industries have business casual or casual dress codes like IT companies or FMCG companies but it is a different story when you work for a financial services company where you have to be worthy of your clients/investors money. Personally I've always believed that you have to dress for the job you want.  The way you dress is the first thing people see and let's face it, culturally Filipinos are very judgemental. If you're a rank and file dress like a supervisor, If you're a supervisor dress like the manager, if you're the manager dress like the Vice President, If you're the Vice President, dress like you own the company. 

"People respond to how you dress, and this holds true as well when closing high value deals with clients. You have to look like a million bucks for clients to trust you with their million bucks.  If you want to get promoted and climb the corporate ladder you have to look the part."

- Gerard Austria

Styled by: Gerard Austria Model: Arlen Gaspar

Tell us more about what you do as a Menswear Stylist and a confidence coach,

What are your brand values and what makes you different from other fashion creatives.

 Being a Menswear stylist is not just about making my clients look good it goes beyond advising what to wear.  For me a stylist is like a confidant to the client, you have to get to know the person, his personality because the clothes should be able to speak and communicate to his target audience even without saying anything yet.  For me clothes should help build confidence of the person wearing it. Where I see my value as a stylist, I have been there. I have climbed the corporate ladder, I have closed high value deals with clients.  Which means I can relate to the aspiring individual raring to get promoted in the corporate ladder.  And what makes me unique in this industry is that I am a heterosexual male so I have a very strong understanding of the male personality and what should be reflected in the clothes whether its a product shoot or a corporate styling. I always make sure my clients look very much a stylish alpha male. I establish a bond with my clients where only a male can understand a fellow male.  

Where do you get your style inspiration from and who influenced you to be in this industry?

 There are not a lot of menswear stylists out there but a lot of menswear enthusiasts.  For me styling is still very much a hobby of mine.  When I was a kid i've always been inspired with how my dad dresses up for work in silk ties and custom made dress shirts and pants.  So since then I've always made it a point to dress up for any occasion or never leave home without wearing something decent and presentable.  As my dad would say you never know who you are gonna meet outside.  My day job as an executive for a French company allowed me to be exposed to the european way of dressing up during my trips to Paris, Italy and the UK.  

Styled by: Gerard Austria

Aside from you, who do you think is the most stylish man and woman on the planet and why?

 Top of mind, it so happened that the most stylish man and woman for me happen to be a couple at the same time - Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo.  You can check out all their photos at the internet whether individually or together they just epitomize style and they are not overboard at it they are just very good at executing and projecting the style and very classy at that.

Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo


What do you think about wearing sneakers with a suit?

 Traditional menswear enthusiasts