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Find out why Top Model Faye Bordeos is an Epitome of Elegance.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Faye Bordeos cuts a powerful, sensuous figure in robes by Epitome of Eve, with her hair curled into gentle waves and her face beat for the gods by the amazing Erielyn Estrada. She is at home in her skin—you can see it in her smile, the way she drapes her hand, the way she angles her neck. She knows her body, and loves what she sees.

Epitome of EVE

As a model, anyone can easily defend the ease by which Faye carries herself as a mere demand of her career. Modelling is a difficult profession: it requires conditioning your body into achieving and maintaining the best shape it can be, all the while ensuring that it complements the product or the story of the brand being endorsed. It requires familiarising yourself with your body. It requires training yourself to be comfortable in the gaze of a camera. Professional modelling requires change and dedication that takes up most of a model’s early life. But already Faye’s origin story presents an interesting outlier to this supposed requirement. I had the opportunity to speak with her after this particular exclusive Power Firm photo shoot. With the consistent looks she serves on the social media platforms she’s active in, I genuinely thought she started as a child, that modelling was something she grew up in. She reveals, however, that modelling was less of something she up grew up in, but more of something she grew into.

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“I was working at a clothing brand company at that time,” she shares about how she began. “They were having an audio-visual presentation show. One of the models backed out [at] the last minute. My boss-slash-designer asked me to participate. From there, I met a lot of models and colleagues in the industry…. That's where it all started.”

“It” would refer to her lucrative and relatively long-standing modelling career. Philstar hailed her as one of “Manila’s soon-to-be top mannequins”, and crowned her as a STAR Dream Girl [1].

FHM labelled her as the “May Online Babe” in one of their interviews with her[2]. And while the majority of her pictures may have disappeared from digital versions of the print magazines that used to feature her, you can still find them on her official Facebook page, or her official Instagram account. She’s modelled for magazines (FHM, Gadgets Magazine, DDG Magazine, Popsicle), calendars (Tombo Shovels, Private Ice), and even for a photographers’ exhibit (Doc Erikk Cruz).

She was even kind enough to label industries and products that I missed out on when I tried Googling her: “[I’ve also done] some social media endorsements (as a brand ambassador/influencer) for a shoe brand, sports brand, swimwear, salon, eyelashes …, waterproof gadget cases, [a] beach resort…” A beach resort!

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The years have been kind to her, and her familiarity with her body has blessed her with the sort of beauty that could be considered timeless. I saw this most when she asserted how integral fitness was in her everyday life in our current interview—“I really start feeling incomplete if I don’t workout after a few days”—when in the same Philstar article I cited earlier, she claimed the exact opposite: “I only go to the gym when I’m depressed.”

As humorous as this before-and-after comparison is, it only proves just how much she’s grown in between the two interviews. In the years that have passed in between her interview and my interview with her, she has changed: she has grown into herself and has come to embrace her status as a public figure. Now, she chooses to use her platform to encourage self-love and self-care.

Faye is wearing a white sports watch by TIMEX

“I love to take care of myself,” she powerfully asserts now.

"I want to be an inspiration to other women and men when it comes to fitness and health.” - Faye Bordeos

And I don’t believe that this gradual positive change in her disposition is superficial either, or that it’s a mere result of pressure from the beauty industry. Allow me to lay down another before-and-after scenario comparison to prove this claim: Recently, she debuted her appearance on the billboard endorsing Skeen. I asked her how she felt about that, and she was only too happy to respond:

“It feels great, to be honest, to see myself on billboards, ads, TV, etc. It always puts a smile on my face to see what I’ve accomplished … but the best part is the fact that these companies believed in me.”

This touching response reveals her down-to-earth nature, and is an answer that resonates with one she gave in the Philstar interview where she stated: “I can live without a boyfriend, but I can’t go on without friends.” At this time, Jerni May Camposano, the interviewer and writer of this article, mentioned that upon asking Faye’s friends, all of them had cited Faye’s humble demeanour and down-to