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Instagram Star who knows Business!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Business executives are busy people, yet they find time for getting rich and quality information every day. Popular media sources like Forbes, CNN, Huffington post and also for new tech and wisdom one of the great sources is TED and TEDx. As a CEO of a leading organisation or as a top executive, how about “being the source”? Yes, you read right! There are very few people (less than a percent) who gets featured in Forbes or gets to be part of TEDx organisation has 70K + followers with power to influence and turn any good product/service into a great offering. Meet Allison Soro, a 26 year old beautiful Italian and Irish fashion blogger who started with humble beginnings to quickly grow and become a strong influencer + web celebrity.

Allison best aspect, unlike other influencers, is her humble nature. She is easily approachable, knows how to make a deal and execute it with a win-win result at the end. Don’t get mistaken, though. She is not just a usual web star, She is a SMART web star having her own line of jewelry called Signature Chockers. If that is not enough, she gives users fashion advice on an app. The icing on the cake being she has her own Barbie and some sources also state a brand called her to take part of a TV show in the UK.

"Invest in people especially in the areas you need more help with. For example I invest in someone who writes articles, a good photographer and someone that can engage with my Instagram. "
- Allison Soro

Lime green Whyte Studio Outfit and Johnnazuko Eyewear

With an increasing number of social media influencers, what sets Allison apart is that social media is not her “only” work. All other great achievements and experience enable her to give a good perspective and even improve a normal looking deal into an exciting one leading to a profitable situation for all the business parties involved. You can follow her on Instagram (@allisoro) and visit her blog at

"Participate to events where you can make good contacts and meet other influencers like you. Be consistent with the content you create and always keep yourself updated with what is new in the influencer or social media world. Last, but not the least be unique. We all have a quality no else has so take advantage of it and show it to your fan base"
- Allison Soro on her advice to aspiring influencers.
Vintage Jacket from Greta Zanotto and a Gucci Bag


Arjit Raj writer/contributor

"I am Arjit, a simple product designer who loves writing.

I got a top writer badge on Quora and have written short

Ebooks on various topics related to engineering and

social media. My hobbies and interest includes rocket science,

mechanical engineering, product designing, travel lifestyle

and entrepreneurship. I enjoy helping people as much as

possible. Adding value in efforts of others is a thing I always

look forward too."

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